Eating for our future survival

How does food look from a perspective of a post-ecological catastrophe? Should we eat insect based food? Or nanotechnological nutritions? What about food printers for cooking? Or using genetic technologies to grow beef in-vitro in the lab? How can we prepare for indoor based farming? And how to turn such foods into something socially accepted and eaten on a daily basis, not just as a something exceptional or taboo’ish. How can insect based food become an everyday thing, such as Junk Food Insect Burgers for the Future?

The Anthropocene Cookbook is an artistic research project by Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie investigating the future cuisine of humanity. To sustain the soon-to-be 9 billion global population we cannot count on Mother Earth’s resources anymore. The project investigates the most innovative and speculative ideas about new foods within the field of arts, design, science & technology. The project rethinks our eating traditions, challenges food taboos and proposes new recipes for survival in times of dark-ecological catastrophes. This takes form of public food experiments, cooking performances and discussion evenings. The culmination of the project is an Anthropocene Feast in the Cesis Livonian castle where the public will be invited to eat the last dragon on the earth. The project will later be published as “The Anthropocene Cookbook”.

Let’s find the global taste of the Anthropocene!


The Anthropocene Cookbook:
what's left of the anthropocene feast

29.09.2017, Science Night 2017, Cesis, Latvia.
Project exhibition: project video and the leftovers of the Anthropocene Feast. 

The Anthropocene Cookbook:
Food Utopias & Dystopias

20.11.2017, Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania. 
Artist talk and tasting by Zane Cerpina. 

The Anthropocene Feast: Eating the Last Dragon

12.08.2017, Cesis Livonian Castle Garden, Cesis, Latvia.
The Anthropocene Feast connected the past and the future into one imaginary food experiment – cooking the last dragon on the Earth. The event aimed at provoking the visitors to reflect on how has our kitchen has changed due to the Anthropocene and fantasize on the food futures.

The Anthropocene Cookbook Opening Party

14.07.2017, part of TAC event cycle 2017, Rucka Artist Residency, Cesis, Latvia.
Project presentation and an experimental lecture on “Post-Catastrophe Dishes” including such topics as Anthropocene Specials, Post-Catastrophe dishes, Bug Buffet and Body as a Restaurant. During the talk audience could taste Ant(i) Pasti: ant pate made from forest ants, and prepared by the local chef Jānis Sproģis. 

The Anthropocene Cookbook goes Amazonian

22.07.2017, LABVERDE Seminar, Manaus, Brazil.
Talk by Zane Cerpina about the project and research of future foods in the Amazon rainforest during the LABVERDE 2017 (Art Immersion Program in the Amazon). 

Food Utopias and Dystopias

08.08.2017, @ Rucka Artist Residency, Cesis
A lecture on “Food Utopias and Dystopias” including such topics as Fake Foodies, Future Junk Food, Future Super-foods, Invasivore Diet and Sexy Foods.

The Anthropocene Cookbook:
eating for Our Future Survival

15.06.2017, ISEA, Manizale, Columbia.
Artist talk by Stahl Stenslie, Zane Cerpina at ISEA 2017 (International Symposium on Electronic Art).

The origin : First set of the spices of the anthropocene

20-24th June, 2018, The 8th Inter-Format Symposium on Rites and Terrabytes, Nida, Lithuania. TBA