Turning Plastic Into Proteins!

“The only sensible way to think of plastic nowadays is to
consider it as a raw material within the ecosystem on the Earth.”

- Koert van Mensvoort

PETeasy™ turns plastic waste into food using two microbial food cultures:
1) the bacteria Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6 that biodegrades the PET plastic into CO2 and H2O organically with the use of PETase and MHETase enzymes
2) the Spirulina platensis algae culture, processing CO2 and H2O further into a healthy protein rich beverage.

With PETeasy™ you can:
Biodegrade all your household PET plastic waste at home.
Be sure none of your plastic waste will enter the environment.
Use your plastic waste to produce algae based proteins.
Reduce your carbon footprint.