"The Adventures of the Man in Gold" has been published.

I took part in the creation of this beautiful book "The Adventures of the Man in Gold" by designing the layout.
Read more online: http://www.editions-hermann.fr/5030-les-aventures-de-l-homme-en-or.html

Richard Shusterman’s trailblazing work in pragmatist philosophy and somaesthetics has been increasingly influential. Not only advocating the critical cultivation of enhanced body consciousness but also deploying it in creative philosophical practice, Shusterman’s bold project finds powerful expression in this bilingual book, which also exemplifies his existential aim of bringing philosophy productively closer to art through its pursuit as an ethical-aesthetic art of living. 

The Adventures of the Man in Gold extends Shusterman’s philosophical experimentation to the realm of literary fiction and is inspired by his practice of performance art in collaboration with the artist Yann Toma, who provides the images for this hybrid text. Shusterman’s most recent books in English are Body Consciousness and Thinking through the Body.