Protein Backpack

The Amazon rain-forest is home for 2.5 million insect species, including a large number of ants. The forest offers variety of tastes: from mild and crunchy “Maniwara” ants to “Saúva” ants that taste like ginger and lemongrass. Could these hidden tastes from the Amazon change the perception of insects as an alternative protein source in Western diets? In the future we won’t be able to sustain the global population in meat-heavy diets. We have to adjust now if we want to survive. 

Protein Backpack is a wearable insect farm, that offers you to grow a wide selection of edible ants from the Amazonian rainforest. Be in charge of your own proteins, grow your own ants!
Insects need much less feed than cattle and poultry, and they can be farmed almost anywhere. The project explores how can insect based food become an everyday thing for future generations.