gamma air

- Your guide to the irradiated world

Radiation is part of our everyday life, but did you know that you are exposed to higher levels of radiation during air travel? 

GAMMA AIR is your guide to our irradiated world, tracking and calculating your radiation exposure while flying. High levels of radiation exposure have been linked to cancer. Though it’s unlikely you’ll develop cancer purely as a result of regular air travel, GAMMA AIR allows you to compare your radiation exposure to a set of recommended yearly limits.

When you have an upcoming flight, GAMMA AIR gives you an estimate of your projected radiation exposure. The GAMMA AIR card contains a state-of-the-art Geiger counter to track your radiation exposure in real time. The GAMMA AIR app uses your phone’s altimeter and GPS, alongside your card’s Geiger counter.

Check radiation like you check the weather.

Project by Zane Cerpina / Jessica Peter