Zane Cerpina

Zane Cerpina is an artist / designer working within emerging media focusing on the themes of the Anthropocene, environmental awareness, ecological criticism, interactive technologies and embodied experiences. She is educated in Art & Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark and currently living in Oslo, Norway, working as Creative Manager at, Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway. She is an editor and designer at EE Experimental Emerging Art Norway - online and printed magazine.  



"The current problems are not only rise in population, energy crisis, lack of food, endangered animals and deadly diseases in Africa, but also the way the society perceives these issues and act upon these. In the age of information overload our society needs to feel the impact of the Anthropocene like a fist in the face."

Work Experience

2017 - Project Manager at TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre: Home of Meta.Morf - biennale for art and technology - &

2016 - Editor / Designer at EE - Experimental Emerging Art Norway (online/printed journal) -

2015 - Creative Manager at PNEK,  Production Network for Electronic Art Norway -

2013 - Creative Manager at Ghost Publishing, Oslo, Norway

2014 - Website manager, designer Journal of

2013 - 2015 Student Assistant - Art & Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark. 

2017 - MA in Interaction Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

2012 - 2015 BA in Art & Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark



The Anthropocene Cookbook - exhibit @Science Night, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Feast: Cooking the Last Dragon - Experimental food performance, Cesis Medieval Castle, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook: Food Utopias & Dystopias - a lecture on TAC research, RUCKA, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook: Opening Event - Project presentation and a lecture on TAC research topics under "The Ecological Catastrophe Dishes", RUCKA, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook Goes Amazonian - project and research presentation @LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program in the Amazon, Manaus, Brazil, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook- Eating for Our Future Survival: Artist talk @ISEA 2017, Manizales.

EE - Experimental Emerging Art Norway: Institutional presentation @ISEA 2017, Manizales.

Artguns – Criminal Aesthetics @EXTRAVAGANT BODIES: CRIME AND PUNISHMEN, Zagreb, Croatia, Belgrade, Serbia (Concept: Stahl Stenslie, 3D design: Zane Cerpina).

Opinify App -  Group exhibition @ Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2016, V2_, Institure for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Global Change App: Managing the Earth in the Age of The Anthropocene - Paper presentation at Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology, STRAND, Serbia, 2016.

Body Fluids - Paper presentation at Conference Bodily Matters: Human Biomatter in Art, London, 2016.

Global Change App: 100 Questions for a Change - Project presentation at ISEA 2016 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Hong Kong.

Global Change App: Global Democracy Online -  Project presentation at ISEA 2016 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Hong Kong.

Body Fluids - Performance and project presentation at Scenekunstfestivalen 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Earth Cancer -  Project presentation at ISEA 2015 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Vancouver, Canada.

Moderator @STRAND  - Going Digital Conference Panel on "TECHNOLOGY & ART", 2016

Selected Works


The Anthropocene Cookbook: eating for our survival Artistic research project on the future of food. (Link)

Global Change App - Concept for a social network, representing a radical solution for a better future.

Earth Cancer -  An ongoing action based art project exploring the most important resource on the planet - our soil. 

S.C.U.M  Gun  - 3D printable gun, a monument to Valerie Solanas. A functional gun design to be printed on all standard 3D printers.

Nasjonalpistolen  - (The Gun of The Nation), A celebratory monument to the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, May 17th 1814. It is a functional gun that uses the .22 caliber.

Body Fluids - A performance piece. A collection of jewelry objects made from frozen human bodily liquids, such as menstrual blood, semen and breast milk. 

Flow w/ Sound - Public sound installation, Karolinelund Park, Aalborg, Denmark.

Six Directions - Installation at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark.

Project Experience

O.F.F. Oslo Flaneur Festival 2016 - Co-organizer

Dark Ecology Journey - Participant

Oslolux  2015, assistant

Playing the Graveyard - two day workshop organized by Jakob Boris Sabra, Aalborg, Denmark (link to the blog, galleries)

T2 – Symposium on Theater and Technology -   two day symposium at Nationalteatret, Oslo, Norway (link to the gallery)

Art & Technology at DEAF Festival 2014 -  festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands (link to the blog, galleries)

Innovation in Extreme Scenarios - A research symposium by ArT in collaboration between V2 Lab for Unstable Media (link to the gallery)



The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for Our future Survival - concept, editor (Upcoming)
100 Questions to Change the World - A book project about radical solutions for a sustainable future by Zane Cerpina (upcoming)

Global Change App: Managing the Earth in the Age of The Anthropocene - Paper at Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology, STRAND, Serbia, 2016.

Article on Meta.Morf 2016 festival and conference in the Neural Magazine

EE: Experimental Emerging Art Norway - online, printed magazine design (Ongoing)

PNEK FILEs - Publication series at - texts, photo documentation, layout


Layout design, webdesign, branding


Elektronisk Kunst i Norge - book design, editing (upcoming)

Koro: Kunst i Offentlige Rom - book design (upcoming)

Book Project "ArT and The World University" - photo documentation, book layout

The Adventures of the Man in Gold - book design, photo documentation

ArTX 2014 Exhibition  - exhibition catalog layout, exhibition poster campaign

Journal of Somaesthetics - visual identity, logo, layout - websdesign - webdesign, branding - webdesign, branding

Ghost Publishing - logo, visual identity - webdesign based on platform - webdesign based on AAU web-platform

Global Change - visual identiy, webdesign

Earth Cancer - webdesign, 3D environment design

Elvelangs 2015, inflatable structures, design, project

Software Experience

3D - RhinoCeros, Autodesk Maya, Google SketchUp

2D - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Web -  CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Infoglue Platform, Wordpress

Programming - C++, Allosystem, CSS, HTML

Photography - Canon, Olympus proffesional cameras, digital retouching, photo manipulation

Video - Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas