Zane Cerpina

Zane Cerpina is an artist / designer working within emerging media focusing on the themes of the Anthropocene, environmental awareness, ecological criticism, interactive technologies and embodied experiences. She is educated in Art & Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark and currently lives in Oslo, working as Creative Manager at, Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway and Project Manager at TEKS - Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre. She is an editor and designer of EE Experimental Emerging Art - online and printed magazine. She is the main curator of the upcoming Dangerous Futures Conference 2018 and co-author of the upcoming publication - The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for Our Future Survival. 



"Our society needs to feel the impact
of the Anthropocene like a fist in the face."

Work Experience

2017 - Project Manager at TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre / Meta.Morf - &

2016 - Editor / Designer of EE - Experimental Emerging Art (online/printed journal) -

2015 - Creative Manager at PNEK, Production Network for Electronic Art Norway -

2013 - Creative Manager at Ghost Publishing, Oslo, Norway

2014 - Designer at Journal of Somaesthetics,

2013 - 2015 Student Assistant - Art & Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark,


2017 - 2019  MA in Interaction Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

2012 - 2015 BA in Art & Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

lectures / presentations

The Anthropocene Cookbook - a lecture at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017

The Anthropocene Cookbook: Food Utopias & Dystopias - a lecture on TAC research, RUCKA, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook: Opening Event - Project presentation and a lecture on TAC research topics under "The Ecological Catastrophe Dishes", RUCKA, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook Goes Amazonian - project and research presentation @LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program in the Amazon, Manaus, Brazil, 2017.

The Anthropocene Cookbook- Eating for Our Future Survival: Artist talk @ISEA 2017, Manizales, Columbia. 

EE - Experimental Emerging Art Norway: Institutional presentation @ISEA 2017, Manizales, Columbia.

Global Change App: Managing the Earth in the Age of The Anthropocene - Paper presentation at Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology, STRAND, Serbia, 2016.

Body Fluids - Paper presentation at Conference Bodily Matters: Human Biomatter in Art, London, 2016.

Global Change App: 100 Questions for a Change - Project presentation at ISEA 2016 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Hong Kong.

Global Change App: Global Democracy Online -  Project presentation at ISEA 2016 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Hong Kong.

Body Fluids - Project presentation at Scenekunstfestivalen 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Earth Cancer -  Project presentation at ISEA 2015 (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Vancouver, Canada.

SELECTED Exhibitions

The Anthropocene Cookbook - exhibition @Science Night, Cesis, Latvia, 2017.

The Anthropocene Feast: Cooking the Last Dragon - Experimental food performance, Cesis Medieval Castle, Latvia, 2017.

Artguns – Criminal Aesthetics @EXTRAVAGANT BODIES: CRIME AND PUNISHMEN, Zagreb, Croatia, Belgrade, Serbia (Concept: Stahl Stenslie, 3D design: Zane Cerpina).

Opinify App - Group exhibition @ Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2016, V2_, Institure for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Body Fluids - Performance at Scenekunstfestivalen 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Selected Works


The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for Our Future Survival - Artistic research project on the future of food. (Link)

Opinify App - mobile application to break through your social media echo chambers. 

Global Change App - A social network  representing a radical solution for a better future.

Earth Cancer -  An action based project exploring the most important resource on the planet - our soil. 

S.C.U.M  Gun  - 3D printable gun, a monument to Valerie Solanas. A functional gun design to be printed on all standard 3D printers.

Nasjonalpistolen  - (The Gun of The Nation), A celebratory monument to the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, May 17th 1814. It is a functional gun that uses the .22 caliber.

Body Fluids - A performance piece. A collection of jewelry objects made from frozen human bodily liquids, such as menstrual blood, semen and breast milk. 

Flow w/ Sound - Public sound installation, Karolinelund Park, Aalborg, Denmark.

Six Directions - Installation at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark.

curatorial Experience

Dangerous Futures Conference 2018 - curator, organizer, 2018 (upcoming)

Art Science & Cocktails: Dangerous Edition - co-curator, 2018 (upcoming)

Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Arts - Co-curator, 2018 (upcoming)

O.F.F. Oslo Flaneur Festival 2016 - Co-organizer, co-curator, 2016

texts / articles / books


The Anthropocene Cookbook: Eating for Our future Survival - A book by Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie. (upcoming)
100 Questions to Change the World - A book project about radical solutions for a sustainable future by Zane Cerpina (upcoming)

Global Change App: Managing the Earth in the Age of The Anthropocene - Paper at Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology, STRAND, Serbia, 2016.

Article on Meta.Morf 2016 festival and conference in the Neural Magazine

EE III: Dangerous Art - editor, 2018 (upcoming)

EE II: Beyond Nature - editor, 2017

EE I: The Bigger Picture - editor, 2016

PNEK FILEs IV - editor, 2017 (upcoming)

PNEK FILEs III - editor, 2017 (upcoming)

PNEK FILEs II: Piksel - editor, 2016

PNEK FILEs I: Dark Ecology - editor, 2015

Press / media coverage

Latvian National Radio, program: "How to Live Better", 2017 (link)

Latvian National Radio, program: "Known in Unknown", 2017 (link)

We Make Money Not Art: "Bodily Matters", 2016 (link

RUCKA Residency, Cesis, Latvia

Summer Sessions at V2_ Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2016

Dark Ecology Journey - Participant, 2015

residencies / projects


Layout design, webdesign, branding

Elektronisk Kunst i Norge - book design, editing (upcoming)

Koro: Kunst i Offentlige Rom - book design, photography, 2017

ArT and The World University - book design, photography, 2014

The Adventures of the Man in Gold - book design, photo documentation, 2017

ArTX 2014 Exhibition  - exhibition catalog layout, exhibition poster campaign, 2014

Journal of Somaesthetics - visual identity, logo, layout - websdesign - webdesign, branding - webdesign, branding

Ghost Publishing - logo, visual identity - webdesign based on platform - webdesign based on AAU web-platform

Global Change - visual identiy, webdesign

Earth Cancer - webdesign, 3D environment design

Software Experience

3D - RhinoCeros, Autodesk Maya, Google SketchUp

2D - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Web -  CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Infoglue Platform, Wordpress

Programming - C++, Allosystem, CSS, HTML

Photography - Canon, Olympus proffesional cameras, digital retouching, photo manipulation

Video - Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas